About the Foundation

Inspiring leadership, learning and a proud legacy of service to our nation by supporting the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and their families.


about1The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1969. It was initially created to provide funds for academic, athletic, and morale needs of the Coast Guard Academy and its cadets that were not covered by federal operational funding. In 1986, the Foundation expanded its charter to support projects that enhance the education, welfare and morale of all Coast Guard members and their families. The Foundation is governed by a board of 100 trustees from all parts of the country. The trustees elect from their members a 30 person board of directors to oversee the management of the Foundation. Located in Stonington, Connecticut, the Foundation employs a staff of twelve civilians responsible for meeting the Foundation’s objectives and working closely with the Coast Guard on all issues.


about2The Foundation strives to help 42,000 Coast Guard men and women strengthen their service to our nation by encouraging them to excel in all areas, on duty and off. The Foundation supports numerous programs and projects through donations from individuals, corporations and through grants and fundraising events. The Foundation supports academic, athletic, and leadership excellence for cadets at the Academy; provides financial support to Coast Guard families who lose a loved one in the line of duty; offers financial relief to Coast Guard families who lose their possessions in natural disasters; provides college scholarships to dependents of enlisted personnel; funds recreation and family-oriented facilities; and supports educational and morale programs at bases, on cutters around the nation; as well as hundreds of smaller projects.


The Foundation celebrates its forty years of service to the United States Coast Guard with the “Are You One In A Million?” campaign. The program strives to capture and highlight the unique and diverse stories, and personal impact of over a million successful missions of bravery and courage since the Coast Guard’s inception in 1790. A website has been created to collect accounts from individuals who lived another day because of the bravery of our maritime guardians, as well as families with stories of a heroic rescue passed down through generations. Individuals can submit and view stories here.

We would like to thank you for all their help.