College Scholarships and Grants

CGF_interviewThe Foundation supports Coast Guard members and their families through a variety of scholarships and grants for higher education.

The grants for enlisted members fund textbooks and other educational expenses that are often not covered by the Coast Guard’s tuition assistance program or the GI bill. Coast Guard members who receive the enlisted grants credit the Coast Guard Foundation with enabling them to attend college and pursue their higher education goals.

Like the Coast Guard member whose wife was expecting their first child while he was enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. The enlisted education grant provided him with the funds for books and fees, and freed up the money he needed to pay for diapers, formula and other unexpected expenses of a newborn.

education2The Foundation’s support for children of Coast Guard members provides scholarships for college. Many awards are renewable for four years. The more than 70 college-aged students who currently benefit from this program are high-achieving individuals with strong character and leadership skills.

A recent college graduate who earned a degree in life sciences, is a shining example of the program. Currently continuing his studies in medical school, he is planning to be a doctor specializing in osteopathic medicine, and possibly concentrating on surgery, cardiology or emergency medical care; he is thankful for the scholarship that allowed him to carry a heavy course-load without the burden of student loans.

The Foundation provides college scholarships to the children of Coast Guard members who die in the line of duty. The Fallen Heroes Scholarship is intended to provide financial support to children whose parent made the ultimate sacrifice in his or her duties as a member of the United States Coast Guard. The first Fallen Heroes Scholar graduated from college this spring with a degree in nursing; she hopes to work with wounded veterans and help them recover from the injuries they sustained in combat.


Support for Cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy

working-togetherThe Foundation is a strong supporter of academics, athletics, cadet activities, waterfront programs and leadership development programs at the United States Coast Guard Academy.

In the last four years alone, the Foundation has provided more than ten million dollars in support to the Coast Guard Academy, funding projects like the waterfront and athletic programs, and academic enrichment programs that provide cadets with equipment that puts them on par with an elite group of other universities. The Foundation provided support to complete the new track and field complex and a generous gift substantially overhauled a computer lab in the engineering department. This year, the Foundation supported cadet leadership development across the four-year academic and enrichment experiences of these young officers-in-training.

The Foundation manages a boat donation program providing top-notch sailboats for cadet use in the Academy’s offshore sailing program, where cadets participate in races up and down the east coast, earning accolades for their skills and as representatives of the Coast Guard Academy community.