relief1The Foundation “rescues the rescuer” in times of tragedy–a Coast Guard member dies in the line of duty, a natural disaster wipes out life as you know it, a fallen hero’s legacy is honored with a scholarship for higher education.

Family Disaster Relief Fund

The Family Disaster Relief Fund provides emergency assistance to families who lose a loved one in the line of duty. When tragedy struck Hawaii in 2008, and California in 2009, the Foundation answered the call and provided support and comfort to the families of the Coast Guard members who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. The Family Disaster Relief Fund will be there again for the families of CG 6017, who find themselves in this most difficult, heart-wrenching position.

Disaster Relief Fund

support2The mayday call was heard far and wide in 2005. Working tirelessly in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, Coast Guard people rescued more than 35,000 survivors of Hurricane Katrina without knowing whether their own homes and families were safe. In response to their need, the Foundation established a Disaster Relief Fund to assist Coast Guard personnel who lost their homes and possessions. Coast Guard supporters throughout the nation responded. The relief fund topped one million dollars, enabling the Foundation to disburse grants to over 250 families who most needed financial assistance. Funds were used to help cover insurance deductibles, furniture replacement and home repairs. The Disaster Relief Fund continues to provide aid to Coast Guard families affected by natural disasters.

Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund

The Foundation provides college scholarships to the children of Coast Guard members who die in the line of duty. The Fallen Heroes Scholarship is intended to provide financial support to children whose parent made the ultimate sacrifice in his or her duties as a member of the United States Coast Guard. The first Fallen Heroes Scholar graduated from college this spring with a degree in nursing; she hopes to work with wounded veterans and help them recover from the injuries they sustained in combat.