support1“Rescue the Rescuers” is providing relief to families when a loved one dies in the line of duty.

“Rescue the Rescuers” is providing funds when a natural disaster strikes and a Coast Guard member loses his or her possessions.

But “Rescue the Rescuers” is much more–it’s making a difference in the lives of Coast Guard members and their families in small, high impact ways. An educational grant to help bridge the gap between what the GI bill and tuition assistance cover. Recreation and sporting equipment to boost their spirits and provide a safe, healthy place to workout and stay in shape when underway. Distance learning centers to connect Coast Guard members to institutions of higher learning. Playgrounds on air stations for Coast Guard families to gather and play and develop a sense of community.

rescue_photoThe Evergreen is the Foundation’s signature program for providing education, health, morale, wellness and recreation support to the Coast Guard. The fund reaches all nine of the Coast Guard’s districts- at bases, on cutters and at small stations throughout the nation. The program works because Coast Guard members on the ground, in the area, identify what they need to fulfill the fund’s goals. Coast Guard members decide what makes their units better and the Foundation provides the funding to make it happen.

The Foundation’s support helps make Coast Guard members more valuable to the service as a whole. By promoting physical readiness, educational advancement and motivational initiatives, the Foundation is contributing to their ability to be “ever ready.”